Hero panda bomber dark lands


  • Amazing high-quality graphics

  • hand-crafted levels full of secret passages and hidden power-ups

  • More than 25 types of enemies, including special BOSSES! Each with a fast-adaptive AI!

  • Beautiful gloomy soundtrack!

Panda Bomber in Dark Lands is loose followup to our first game Hero Panda Bomber. This time the Panda hero is plunged into a labyrinth-like castle, and his task is to vanquish the darkness by lighting the torches of destiny on each floor of the castle and defeat the evil Emperor Yak who's been corrupted by the darkness. It's super-addictive and challenging – Player’s line of sight is severely limited this time and enemies can come in groups and hide in shadows.
So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to take on the bombing explosion challenge? If yes, download Panda Bomber right now and go on a bombing and explosion spree!