• Experience the life of a house cat first hand

  • Play as many different cats

  • Destroy a whole house full of decorations & furniture

  • Collect fish even when you're away

  • Adorable hand drawn graphics​


Ever wondered what a cat's day looks like? When you're in school or at work and your cat is home alone, doing all sorts of mischief.  Well Frisky Cat puts YOU into the role of a cat and your only task is to enjoy your cat paws as much as you want while wreaking havoc on any and all house furniture and decorations! And get loads of fish while doing what cats do bets! No pillow or sock will be safe from your rapid-fire cat paws, cat game.

NOTE: Windows version differs greatly from Android/iOS version of the game! Windows version is a 100% premium experience without any Ads, In-App-Purchases!

frisky cat